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Ordinary water filters use a screen to separate only particles of dirt and sediment from the raw water source.   Other iron removal systems may use a combination of filtration and oxidation, by using a specialized oxidizing media that requires regeneration with a chemical called potassium permanganate.  Our iron removal systems uses atmospheric air to oxidize the iron in your water and then remove it in a filter bed designed to capture iron oxide.  Its operation is completely chemical-free.


Iron In Your Water

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral, commonly found in well water and other ground water sources. “Clear water iron” is iron that is in solution in its ferrous form. This is the way it usually stays while in the underground aquifer, since most underground water is anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) and the ferrous iron has no way of oxidizing. Once pumped to the surface and exposed to air (in an open holding tank or a water heater or once run from a fixture), the iron in solution combines with oxygen to form ferric or “red water iron”. This is the form of iron that you would commonly refer to as rust. When suspended in water, it is in the form of tiny particles of iron oxide that can bind to pipes and fixtures.Iron is an essential element to good nutritional balance. Fortunately, we receive all of the iron that we need in a properly balanced diet. Health and water authorities consider iron in water as an aesthetic problem and not a health related risk. Ferric iron in your household water however, can permanently stain plumbing fixtures and tiles, clog water lines, cause damaging build-ups in water heaters and heater elements or cause an unpleasant metallic taste in your drinking water. Permanent damage can result to dishwashers, coffee makers and icemakers. Iron-laden water, when used for watering, will also clog irrigation nozzles and leave ugly rust stains on concrete walks and driveways.

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