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Beausejour Water Softener

Water Softener Systems - Residential & Commercial

Water softeners are a common household appliance typically used for the removal of the minerals which cause water hardness; calcium and magnesium. The water softener works on the principal of ion exchange.  In addition to removing the hardness causing compounds, iron and manganese can also be removed in an ion exchange process.


How it Works

Softeners are comprised of a pressurized vessel (resin tank) which contains tiny plastic beads known as resin.  The resin is usually charged with sodium chloride (table salt, NaCl).  When the hard water is applied to the softener, the sodium ions on the resin are exchanged for the hardness causing calcium and magnesium ions.  Iron and manganese will be removed in a similar manner.  Removal continues only as long as there is sodium on the resin.  Once the sodium is depleted, the resin bed is washed to remove the iron, manganese and hardness causing compounds.  Passing a strong solution of sodium chloride through the vessel then regenerates the resin beads.  In some instances potassium chloride is used instead of sodium chloride as the exchange compound.

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